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Informed Consent should:

      • use language that is understandable to prospective participants
      • identify the principal investigator (research) & sponsoring organization
      • describe the general purpose of the study
      • detail the main features of the study
      • estimate the time required (duration of participation)
      • note any possible risks (discomfort) to & benefits for participants
      • explain how anonymity or confidentiality will be maintained or note any limits to assurances
      • note any physical or psychological harms that might result from participating
      • note any compensation or treatment that is available to participants
      • state whether deception will be used; if so, clarify that full explanation will be provided in the future
      • provide the name & contact information for the principal investigator (PI) to whom questions about the research can be directed
      • indicate that participation is voluntary
      • indicate that the participant can discontinue participation at any time
      • indicate that refusal to participate or to continue to participate will not result in a penalty
      • indicate that the participant should keep his/her copy of the informed consent form
      • note if participants are to be videotaped, filmed, or recorded


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